How often do you hear that job-seekers write 50, 80 or even more than 100 applications and still find no job. The guilt is often sought by the potential employers: You are not invited because you are too old, your salary requirement is too high, they do not recognize your skills, etc.

Now we take a good look at ourselves before we point a finger at others and are honest to ourselves. Anyone who writes so many applications makes something wrong, probably several or even many things. But what?

This is exactly the point to find out and to turn off. In the application process there are hundreds or even thousands of traps, which should be known by the applicants to be able to steer around elegantly. Ask the application expert, who knows all these impendences, continuously coaching and optimally supervising you. The likelihood is high to find a suitable position quickly - if you are navigated by one of the experienced ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES consultants.

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