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Individuality and leadership are unique characteristics for every organisation, which cannot be cop-ied and pasted. This is valid also for the cooperation between company and consultant. We adapt our actions for the unique situation of our clients.

We have met hundreds of organisations and their cultures, conducted thousands of assessments in various management levels and gone with hundreds of development and coaching projects with teams and individuals. You can also benefit from this experience.

We are broad experienced psychologists, executive coaches and trainers. Through our systematic and cross-functional approach we can deliver added value for organisations.


Practical Hints

Are you unsure to hire the right applicants?

In a structured interview, one at least only scratches the surface, the true personality of the candidate remains more or less hidden. Many questions remain open: Does he/she actually provide sufficient leadership potential? Can he/she decide quickly enough? Is he/she really the innovator, as he/she pretends? Is he/she flexible enough for the job? And many more questions ...

Is it possible to gain insightful knowledge about which drivers and motivators the applicants really have? It is possible!

Focus topic: Online Assessment

Our Online-Assessment is a differentiated and effective analysis of work related personality for the fast everyday evaluations. We recommend it especially as a pre-interview assessment or/and as a neutral “Second Opinion” in staffing and recruitment. It corresponds the DIN-Norm 33430, it is economic, user friendly and valid predicting social leadership success.

Assessment Services

A professional psychological assessment for experts and managerial staff doesn’t only reduce the risk of misrecruitments, it delivers also a solid fundament for future strategic leadership development. This is a direct answer for the challenge of sustainable leadership culture.

Placement Services

Retirement from an existing position is a milestone and an important turning point in life. A quick and targeted return to the working world requires professional support. Through Eriksson & Associates, you will receive a comprehensive, reliable consultation that will quickly lead you to new paths. In order for us to achieve the stated goals, we stand by your side as experienced coaches through each phase of the process. These process steps are optimised for rapid integration into new challenges.

Leadership Coaching

With increasing hierarchical promotion leaders have in everyday life less options to share complications and obstacles with their pears. From lower hierarchical levels they get less critical feedback. With the coach as sparring partner, also seasoned leaders, have the opportunity to reflect their leadership environment and real situations and to develop together tangible solutions.


                         Member of BVMW - Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft


                         Member of Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management


                         Member of Handelskammer Finnland-Schweiz


                         Member of ASCO - Association of Management Consultants Switzerland


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