ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES is a national and international management consulting company for the development of individuals, teams and organisations. We are experienced organisational psychologists, coaches and neutral sparring partners. Through our engagement we will improve the performance and competitiveness of our customers by „Good Leadership“ as well as to strengthen the lived competence management.

Assessment Services

To hire the right person or to fill vacant positions internally with the most suitable employees we conduct assessments to give you a neutral second opinion. Malfunctions in recruitment are expensive and image damaging. We help you make the right decision.

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Leadership Assessments

Filling important positions with the people who bring the most value to your business is a challenge. Our professional support creates added value.

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Online Assessments

Our online assessments, tailored to the work environment, provide you security in the hiring process. You can underpin your personal impressions with a structured personality analysis, putting your decision on a solid basis.

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Management Audits

When it comes to restructuring or M & A, it is crucial to fill key positions properly to ensure the future of your business. With our leadership audits, we examine the competences and potential of your favourites to ensure that important positions are filled properly.

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Leadership Coaching

Line managers often face the dilemma being desolate in their leadership roles. We are your professional sparring partners who will reflect on leadership situations together with you and work out solutions and increase your leadership effectiveness.

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Business Coaching

Business coaching is about reflecting on specific leadership and business issues. In intensive sessions we get to the bottom of the problems and work together suitable solutions, actions or just giving a second opinion and confirmation.

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PerformPlus Program

The PerformPlus program is particularly suitable if you want to noticeably increase your leadership effectiveness. The dynamic coaching process will be tailored to your needs and specifically pursues your coaching goals.

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Placement Services

With our sophisticated outplacement program, our experienced placement consultants help companies quickly, individually and purposefully find a satisfying new job.
The Newplacement Intensive Program focuses on private clients who want to change careers and need help.
The Personal Assessment is aimed at companies that want to place employees in the right position or to clients who need support in the professional reorientation.

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If you also want to take care of the well-being of your long-term employees when you have to dismiss employees, then you should decide for a successful and conceptually well-planned outplacement program. Our experienced career coaches get involved in the application process for your employees and help them quickly and easily to a new job.
Affected persons, who get an outplacement consultation from their company and are allowed to choose their own outplacement consultants, are also addressed here.

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Newplacement Intensive-Program for private customers

The Newplacement Intensive-Program is designed for private clients who want to change careers and need help. Especially long-term employees are often no longer up to date in the application process. Our career coaches will accompany you throughout the entire new placement consulting process and bring you and your application documents up to date.

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Personal Assessment

Do you want to support your employees optimally? Then let us help to promote the career development of your employees.
You are not quite sure what you want to do in your professional life? Then now is the right time to specifically and constructively find out what would be the optimal scope for you.

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