Am I a weakling because I let me help by an outplacement consultant?

Writing applications - for many a traumatic thought. Should I somehow muddle through by myself - at the risk to make not reversible mistakes? Writing applications, you always have one shot only. Not really clever. So I'd better ask for help. But I will not disclose, finally it´s awkward to admit that I cannot do it alone.


22.03.2018 - Are you unsure to hire the right applicants?

In a structured interview, one at least only scratches the surface, the true personality of the candidate remains more or less hidden. Many questions remain open: Does he/she actually provide sufficient leadership potential? Can he/she decide quickly enough? Is he/she really the innovator, as he/she pretends? Is he/she flexible enough for the job? And many more questions ...


16.01.2018 - Recruiting: How important is the candidate´s personality

To anticipate it - extremely important! Of course, you run intensive interview talks and try to figure out how the candidates are ticking. Naturally, to a certain extent you can get an impression of the applicant - but is that enough?

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