24.11.2017 -Outplacement as a calm down of conscience?

In employee circles, one can already hear such a statement: "The personnel department pays outplacement consultations only to calm their own conscience." Well, should you believe such claims?


29.09.2017 - Are you a loser because you have lost your job?

Almost everyone who once got into the situation losing the job is facing this question sooner or later.


30.08.2017 - Take a higher compensation payment or would you rather opt for an outplacement coaching?

Almost everyone who is offered a cancellation contract is standing in front of this question. And now the riddle goes: Should I take the money and save it up for a rainy day? You never have too much money. Or does it perhaps even make more sense to be consulted in the application process?


31.07.2017 - Has an Outplacement coaching to be personally?

It is not easy for some clients to open themselves to the many questions of the outplacement consultant and to answer everything truthfully - so many things would rather be swept under the carpet.


26.06.2017 - How much time does your outplacement-consultant invest in you?

Have you ever been coached by an outplacement consultant? Did the watch tick during each session? Have you been advised after 90 minutes that the consulting session has expired and you have to leave now?


24.05.2017 - Whom do you ask if you have problems at work?

Do you have problems with your team? You do not get along with your boss? You are supposed to dismiss 30 employees? The management gives you guidelines that you do not feel able to support?


20.04.2017 - Why is "getting advice" so difficult?

You may know the following situation: You face a problem and try to find the solution by yourself. You waste a lot of time and if you´re lucky, you even find the solution.


17.03.2017 – ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES - Consulting with perspectives
Our individual consulting approach stands for new prospects and insights. Let your eyes wander, gain new perspectives, experience unexpected experiences, win the "Big Picture"


12.01.2017 - ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES in Germany
Since January 2017 Mr. Friedhelm Glöckner manages our office in Frankfurt. As head of Germany, Mr. Glöckner will focus on supporting our clients in the area of corporate assessment & development services.

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