We recommend an ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES online assessment as an effective pre-interview diagnostic tool and it fits particularly well for situations where you would like to have a rapid and differentiated professional second opinion about your candidate to avoid costly misjudgments in recruitment or staffing. In doing so, you base your personnel decisions on safe and scientifically founded insights. Benefit from our compelling and user-friendly online assessment (DIN standard 33430).


Our state-of-the-art online assessment provides important insights into the suitability of candidates to ensure that key positions are placed "right". The applicants will also be comparable through our online assessment, you will create more objectivity and your decision will become more accurate.


The validated, multi-lingual and Big Five model-based assessment platform, its design and safety-protected technology is a state-of-the-art tool.

The Profile

You receive a 3-page comprehensible driver profile, which informs you about candidate´s motivational drivers, thinking processes and attitudes, team and leadership roles, work-wellbeing and a focused narrative report.

Customer value

Economical approach, timely short-term valid and predictable results create added value as pre-interview assessment. It maps the critical competencies and behavioural styles for the target position.

Remote consulting and counseling

In a telephone conversation or by mail, you indicate the job role, candidates profile, do’s and don'ts, your expectations and the trigger questions.

We will immediately send the online test-link to the named persons. After the candidate has completed the assessment, you will receive immediately feedback. Our psychologists do not use prefabricated text modules but analyse the respective profiles and create individual and taylormade descriptions. Particular consideration will be given to the performance, output, energy level and added value areas of personality. Automated assessments with text modules can not do that! The profile analysis are sent to you includinig the profiles and then you can discuss and reflect the result and the conclusions with our consulting psychologist. We will give you a clear recommendation which candidate best fulfills your requirements.

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