To anticipate it - extremely important! Of course, you run intensive interview talks and try to figure out how the candidates are ticking. Naturally, to a certain extent you can get an impression of the applicant - but is that enough?

Of course the applicants try to present themselves in a positive light. In doing so, one or the other statement is often "beautified". As an employer, you must be sure that the applicant actually meets the demanded requirements. However, the risk of a misjudgment is big.

A personality diagnostics provides detailed information about the drivers that the candidate performs. The example leadership shows this clearly: A good and successful line manager has the unconditional will to lead - and exactly that is anchored in his personality.

Do not take any risks! Our personality analysis is excellently suited as a "second opinion" and gives you security in your decision-making. ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES helps you to make your recruiting to a success.

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