In everyday life, line managers with increasing hierarchical advancement have fewer opportunities to exchange views with colleagues at the same level. From lower hierarchical levels, they receive too little critical feedback. For senior line managers, leadership coaching is often about reflecting on concrete leadership situations with the coach as a sparring partner and working out solutions together.

It might be about developing your own leadership and behavioural model and defining your leadership role. In a way that is in line with the personality of the leader so that he/she feels comfortable in the role and coming across authentic for the employees. Conscious handling of value system and the "tolerance corridor" unlocks potential for action. This also contributes to weariness cases and other personally incisive events, since the coaching results in a noticeable increase in both, your professional leadership effectiveness and your well-being.

Business Coaching

Do you have problems with your team? You do not get along with your boss? You should dismiss 30 employees? The management gives you guidelines that are conflicting with your values and believes?

Many executives often face these or similar problems on a daily basis. Sometimes they seem to be inseparable and you are in a dilemma because you do not find satisfactory answers or do not know whom to ask.

Our professional coaches with many years of experience and the corresponding specialist knowledge are structured and goal-oriented, using the appropriate analytical tools. They focus on the objective conclusions and guide you through relevant questions in your own individual way and to your own personal problem-solving.

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You are a motivated, engaged and a committed specialist and manager. However, you are dissatisfied because some things in your professional environment are not working in a proper way. You don’t have any idea what this might mean, but you are not quite sure how to improve your performance.

You are not alone. It is also not easy to do the right thing at the right time and deal with all given situations and requirements in a way that promotes your career development. In addition, you are exposed to the ever-increasing demands that you need to reconcile with your own values and ideas. Not an easy task.

The PerformPlus coaching program is a valuable and personalized learning experience that can sustainably increase your performance effectiveness, conflict management skills and, consequently, your social effectiveness.

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