Case Studies Assessment Services

Make leadership architecture effective with Leadership Assessments

Due to an organizational transition process decided the management team of an international production company to a neutral evaluation of two c-level shortlist candidates concerning their value compatibility and team synergies, growing requirements concerning, resilience, dealing with ambiguity and complexity as well as their social competent leadership and their capabilities to effective implement the new corporate strategy.


How to predict an effective cooperation between the CEO and the of board of directors

An international high-tech company was prepared to initiate a new customer focussed full-service strategy and its global implementation. This strategic change was the trigger for the board of directors to nominate a new CEO to carry, design and implement this necessary change and transformation process.


How to prepare an international transfer processes successfully

The Headquarter of a mid-size company was preparing a 4 years overseas assignment to one of its Key-talents and his family. Due to the high costs of the assignment - estimated € 900’000 the company decided to conduct an intercultural assessment and to receive a neutral second opinion to confirm the nomination prepared by the company.

Case Studies Placement Services

How to convince and appear authentic in job interviews

Our outplacement coach and the client met for the session "job interview". The coach observed that it was extremely difficult for the client to give convincing answers to his questions. Suitable statements about his person (strengths, weaknesses, achievements, core competencies, behavioural questions, etc.) were particularly difficult for him.


With a single application for success - is that possible?

A client who has been working for 25 years in a company, asked ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES for assistance with the preparation of his application documents and with the presentation of his person. After reviewing his CV, it quickly became clear that the development of the application process had largely left him unscathed over the years. Furthermore, in the first meetings it became clear that he was barely able to name his skills and abilities and present them safely.


Client wanted to work in two countries – a realistic option?

A HR - manager has an apartment in Germany, but is married to a Croat who owns a house with holiday apartments in Croatia. The main season is of course over the summer months. For this reason, it was an important prerequisite for her to be in Croatia for three to four months and, if possible, to work from there.

Case Studies Leadership Coaching

How to solve a leadership problem through coaching elegantly

The superior (CEO) of an expert leader (member of the management team) had a dilemma concerning his leadership performance. He was considered not only as an outstanding and innovative problem solver but also as a critical, often uncomfortable thinker.

Team leader problem solved at cause level

A gifted key talent and top performer was promoted to team leader of an audit team in an international company. An employee and former peer, however, caused the young team leader constantly problems and sleepless nights. The apparently mutual lack of appreciation and acceptance made a constructive communication and cooperation impossible.


With team coaching to success

As part of an organisational development program and at the request of the management board, the management team of an organisation was analysed for it´s management and performance effectiveness. When analysing the results, it became clear that the leadership style of the experienced CEO “slowed down” the performance effectiveness of the management team.

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