The core of our consulting concept is empowerment and strengthening the client to find an employment that is both fitting and in line with his/her competencies and motives – to accordingly replace the client on the employment market.

We put ourselves in the client´s personal situation to address his/her individual needs, abilities and talents. We rely on our proven structured approach, based on individual assessments and on a clearly structured approach.


Do you have to dismiss employees? In that case, for those affected people and for you as the person in charge of your company, this is a serious, usually painful step that needs to be mastered.

Often affected people get a compensation payment as a "consolation" - so far so good - but is this enough? Wouldn´t it be more clever to invest at least a part of the compensation payment in an outplacement service? The employer meets his social responsibility, even beyond the official employment relationship. He "does not just kick those out" but offers them professional support in dealing with the dismissal situation and the targeted structured job search.

Those affected people appreciate this approach and probably they won’t take legal action and don´t talk critically about the company. The company has accordingly taken a decisive step in avoiding reputational damage. In times of omnipresent social media it´s more than advisable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialised consultants are happy to visit you, presenting our consulting concept.


In case your company pays an outplacement service, we recommend you contact us and let us convince you with our proven outplacement concept. The consultation is free and without obligation.

Learn more about our proven outplacement program

Newplacement Intensive Program for Private Customers

Do you miss application practice? Don´t you know what is expected in the application process today? Have you written many applications without finding a job? Are you not really aware of your strengths and core competencies or are you having trouble answering the question about your weaknesses? Or do you generally have problems with presenting yourself in a convincing manner?

Then we are prepared to give you a helping hand. We act structured and target oriented taking into account your personal needs. The Newplacement Intensive Program is designed to give you concentrated support services where you need them most. Nevertheless, you go through the entire process so that your application documents and ultimately you are fit for the upcoming tasks, namely to find a job that is fitting to you. If you want to go into the self-employment, then we accompany you with our know-how also on this way.

More information about our Newplacement Intensive Program can be found here

Personal Assessment

Are your employees actually placed in the right position? Could they add significant value in another position? Do you have to replace staff members after a M&A and want to know who is the most suitable for which position?

Or have you been working in your current vocation for a long time, but feel that there is more in you. Do you feel that you have not arrived where you could be? Have you been dismissed and you are not sure about which positions you should apply for?

Then it's recommendable time to do a Personal Competency Assessment. It helps you enhance your self-perception, to know yourself better, hidden talents are rediscovered, blind spots revealed and pronounced strengths are underlined. The goal is to avoid confusion of ideas and to clarify and focus on the further career path.

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