An effective dealing with complexity and ambiguity as well as the good leadership can be learned. A conscious management of your values and your “tolerance corridor” will release a significant action potential. The individual leadership and communication patterns are led by the personality, perception and attitudes. The coaching and development program will enhance both, your leadership effectiveness and personal well-beeing.


Leaders and managers stay today under enormous performance pressure. The performance expectations seem to be overwhelming and can be in a crass discrepancy with own beliefs and values. A more conscious dealing with own values can release new action potentials. Since the attitudes and personal drivers steer our leadership and communication patterns, a coaching-program can be the trigger to enhance the leadership effectiveness and the personal well-being.

Target group

PerformPlus is primarily aimed for people with line management and project leader functions. It is also suitable for people who are involved in strong psychological stress situations or persons promoted to a new probably unfamiliar leadership role. The coaching process is customized and dynamic and focuses on themes with diverging depth and breadth depending on defined coaching targets.


The coaching serves the strengthening of the leadership personality and personal effectiveness. It focuses behavioral patterns like action potential, decision- and thinking processes as well as the personal attitudes and believes. Dominant behavioral patterns and their impact will be discussed and made aware – focusing on the current professional role and how your personal action potential can be realised in the current corporate or leadership culture.

Learning alternative behavioral patterns

Thinking patterns and the thinking profile can be observed when dealing with planning and problem solving. According motives “the grounding” of thinking patterns and their implementation and effectiveness happen in the current job. The ultimate target is the widening of the thinking-corridor, which means revitalisation or focusing on planning and problem solving competence – and through that providing new and more effective planning and decision making processes.


The PerformPlus coaching program is a valuable and individually designed learning experience, which can increase your performance effectiveness, conflict management ability and thus your social effectiveness. These levels can be realised in different width and depth, depending on the defined coaching goals.

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