Employment terminations are not always avoidable - and they are painful for both sides. However, they are most painful, for those who are affected. The incomprehension and anger not infrequently strike into rage. The way to the employment lawyer is pre-programmed.

As a result there will be lengthy and expensive court proceedings, where employers often lose. It probably could be avoided from a company perspective. Our long term experience as outplacement consultants shows that outplacement clients almost never go for the process path. They acknowledge that the former employer has taken up its social responsibility and has exploited the possibility to assist those affected persons by advising an outplacement consultant with active coaching for their professional reorientation.

Those who opt for the judicial dispute are much more likely to spread out negative information about the former employer. At times of omnipresent social media, this reputation damage can hardly be afforded by a company today.

Our offer

Retirement from an existing position is a milestone and an important turning point in life. A quick and targeted return to the working world requires professional support. Through Eriksson & Associates, you will receive a comprehensive, reliable consultation that will quickly lead you to new paths. In order for us to achieve the stated goals, we stand by your side as experienced coaches through each phase of the process by using a broad variety of Outplacement projects. These process steps are optimised for rapid integration into new challenges. In order to ensure high-quality outplacement you will work with our consultancy team that consists of psychologically trained professionals who have held numerous management positions in global companies.

Decide to engage an outplacement consultant and thereby avoid painful reputational damage. At ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES you have experienced outplacement consultants at your disposal and they do their utmost to keep the employment termination process as painless as possible.

Our approach in outplacement counseling

Situation analysis

During an initial analysis, our consultancy focuses on your current situation - both professionally and privately – thereby making a realistic and reliable assessment of your career prospects. Scientifically proven tests ensure that the outplacement process with Eriksson & Associates generates highly reliable results. Afterwards we examine your personal potential and modus operandi. Eriksson & Associates will accompany you through the signing of your new employment contract and also during the probation period, thus ensuring a long-term, effective entry into a new management position.

Application strategy

The individual application strategy is central to the targeted achievement. This part of the outplacement consultation is specifically tailored to your profile and includes all existing knowledge about your personal situation and your professional qualifications as the starting point. Your professional objectives, as well as the procedure for job interviews, are determined by the Outplacement process. We do not rely on prefabricated strategies in this regard.  As individual strengths are required, especially in management positions, corresponding discussions require a specific job-oriented application. We look forward to convincing you of our strengths as reliable consultants. Finally, outplacement through Eriksson & Associates will enable you to jointly develop job interviews and help you prepare for discussions with your future colleagues, as well as compile a convincing CV for the new potential employer as part of the consulting process.


Your comportment and appearance are important. Expectations at each company will fluctuate with the personality of the interviewer. Through comprehensive coaching, we ensure that you leave a lasting and positive impression. If you are interested in getting a high-level outplacement for re-entry into an attractive leadership position, then please contact us immediately.  We are available in both Zürich and Frankfurt for your future career development.

We look forward to convincing you in this regard of our strengths as a reliable outplacement consultant.


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