It is a systematic and uniform determination of competences and potentials of managers. Management or Leadership Audits provide organisations with insights into the skills of their leaders, ensuring that the key positions are "properly" filled.


Management or leadership audit is a systematic and standardized evaluation of competences and potentials of the key players of organization.  A management audit provides important consolidated findings about the drivers and leadership skills of the participants and can ensure that the staffing of the “key positions” is strategy conform.

Target group

Organisations, companies, subsidiaries or departments, which in the context of a M&A transaction, fusion or management development programs are planning a systematic potential analysis to provide a significant competence balance sheet.


A typical management or leadership audit incorporates a structured interview, psychological testing (online assessment) and feedback session with the participant. The client company obtains a significant summary of the results with tangible recommendations and preferred actions.

Initial position

  • M & A: Several key positions are double occupied. Which person should take over the leadership of an area, a department etc. in the future.
  • Strategy change: Who or which persons would have the competencies and potential to manage the new challenges.
  • To determine the "right" placement of a leadership position from several internal and/or external candidates.
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