Our Offer

A professional psychological assessment for experts and managerial staff doesn’t only reduce the risk of misrecruitments, it delivers also a solid fundament for future strategic leadership development. This is a direct answer for the challenge of sustainable leadership culture.

Our Approach

A typical tailor-made assessment tool-set is based on your needs and success factors. The assessment design and its four-eyes-principal correspond to the high quality requirements of experts and managerial staff. Besides the profound semi-structured interview, we use simulations and cases from the business and leadership environment. We also use some relevant psychological tests to allow a view to the deeper structures of leadership personality. All observations and results are summarized in a confidential handmade report to provide you a solid decision-making basis.


Our experienced consultants are guarantee for the high quality standards of our Assessments for experts and managerial staff (DIN-Norm 33430). Our psychologists, who have also leadership experience, use effective, scientific based personality inventories. Case-studies, management simulations and interviews round up the demanding learning experience. Practical, hands on methods and professionalism are the cornerstones of the demanding Leadership Assessment.

Feedback and Round-Table Meeting

Our clients receive a concrete narrative report with clear recommendations and developmental suggestions. This confidential report supports the client organisation in the complex decision-making process. In terms of transparency the candidate receives the report too. The feedback session with the candidate and a round-table meeting with the client and candidate ensure the transfer into the praxis.

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