In the development of organisations, teams and individuals, we apply “best practices” and diagnostic tools adapted to people and situations. All our assessment services meet the quality standard of DIN 33430, that means, they are structured, scientifically proven and praxis relevant. We offer our assessments in multiple languages and we practice the multiple eye principle.

Assessments for specialists and executives

In professional interviews you can of course get a certain impression of the applicants - but is that enough?

Certainly, the applicants try to present themselves in a positive light. Probably one or the other statement may be "prettyfied". However, as a hiring company, you must be sure that the applicant actually meets the requirements. Though, the risk of misjudgement remains high.

Can you obtain reliable information about which drivers and motivators or potentials applicants provide? Yes, you can!

In a single assessment, applicants go through a challenging assessment day, characterised by compelling, scientifically-proven potential tests, personality questionnaires, and real-life case studies that simulate everyday leadership and management situations.

Mistakes are time consuming, image damaging and costly. Avoid disappointments and assure to make safe decisions.

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Online Assessments

Do you want to fill vacancies? This is often not an easy task, as there are usually several candidates on the short list and it must be carefully considered who the right person could be.

But how do you decide for the right candidate? Of course you conduct interviews, the only question is whether you can rely on it alone. A sophisticated pre-interview online assessment can provide you with valuable information.

For each vacant position there are very specific requirements that should be brought along. In addition to the technical skills, the soft skills, motivation and attitudes are in demand - and they are measurable. But you should also be sure that those you prefer will fit into the corporate culture, especially among cross-cultural organisations. Only those who provide the right qualifications will become top performers!

Be sure to find the most suitable ones so that you can continue to achieve your business goals in future.

Be sure to occupy your posts properly

Management audits

Do you need to reoccupy management positions through restructuring or M&A transactions or find the right person for a strategically important position? Then you have a responsible job to deal with. After all, you have very specific ideas about his/her competences, both professionally and personally. A misplacement would be not only annoying but may have unforeseen, financial consequences and non-quality costs for the company.

So the question is how you can base your personnel decisions on valid and sustainable facts. Our management audits are based on broad experience, best practices and diagnostic tools that are structured, scientifically proven and praxis relevant.

Let us find out together who in which position can create added value and who can thus be effective. Because the success of your future employees is the success of your company.

We support you in the best possible selection of your candidates

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