It is not easy for some clients to open themselves to the many questions of the outplacement consultant and to answer everything truthfully - so many things would rather be swept under the carpet. This is especially difficult at the beginning of the coaching, since you are not so well known at this time. But please keep in mind - your coach has good reasons to ask a lot.

An outplacement coaching MUST be personal, because this is the only chance for the consultant to meet you and your needs. An individual coaching only works when the consultant knows you well enough and also knows what is important to you. Even more important for a successful coaching is the disclosure of your professional desires, your inclinations, your knowledge and abilities (to name a few). Often enough, these things are not so conscious to the client. That is why it has to be conveyed to the surface, to be analysed and used in a targeted manner in order to be able to derive a promising application strategy.

So please don´t be surprised, when your ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES coach asks questions that no one else would ask you. He will draw the essential conclusions and, together with you, prepare all necessary documents and actions. Openness is the key for success.

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