Have you ever been coached by an outplacement consultant? Did the watch tick during each session? Have you been advised after 90 minutes that the consulting session has expired and you have to leave now?

And most importantly, could you ask all your questions during this time? Did you feel that the consultant is going through his standard program and does not incorporate your needs? Did you have the feeling to be coached well?

Only when the consultant is able to spend enough time, he has the chance to adjust to you. Only then he has the chance to know you deep enough and think in your way of thinking, co-formulate and give the right hints. Everything else is a scratch on the surface and not really productive.

To admit to client´s needs means to invest enough time. However, this is not possible in fully booked days of many consultants. When the next client is standing in front of the door after 90 minutes, the clients with their needs often fall by the wayside.

Our concept provides a comprehensive assistance and the alarm clock does not ring after 90 minutes. Our meetings are always solution- and requirement-oriented. There is a rough time schedule to follow but the sessions don´t end at a certain time. Flexibility in the interest of the customer must be. This approach is effective and intensive - for both parties. But that's what it should be. We have a common goal: to bring you back into a job that is satisfying for you - and both sides must invest enough time!

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