In employee circles, one can already hear such a statement: "The personnel department pays outplacement consultations only to calm their own conscience." Well, should you believe such claims?

Let´s ask why HR-departments pay for such consultant services: Employers have a social responsibility for their employees, even after the contractual employment period. For this reason many HR-managers think about (commendably) how to make this situation socially reconcilable. In order to enable those affected people a smooth transition to a new employment, Outplacement is an effective and appropriate step. For the HR-staff, it is not easy to offer termination agreements, especially for long-term employees and to tell them in the end, that the company has to quit the contract of employment.

At this point, let's praise responsible HR-departments. It´s important for them what happens with the affected people when the contract ends and they naturally have an interest in that affected people find again an adequate employment. It cannot presumably excluded that one's conscience also plays a role; however, it is much more crucial that they do not simply place affected people in the streets. This would indeed be condemnable.

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