Do you have problems with your team? You do not get along with your boss? You are supposed to dismiss 30 employees? The management gives you guidelines that you do not feel able to support?

These or similar problems are often faced by many managers on a daily basis. You are in a dilemma because they do not find any satisfying answers or do not know whom to justice - the management or themselves.

If you do not find any answers, it seems to be a potentially promising option to ask someone who might have an idea. But whom to ask specifically? Within your own company you do not want to be unmasked. You never know the ways in which this initiative reaches someone who really should not know about it. So you look around within your circle of acquaintances. Perhaps you will find someone who could help you.
But, it's not that easy to ask for help in sensitive topics like: "In my team, there's an employee who acts against me and I feel that he's sawing at my chair. Do you have an idea what I can do against it?"
Your acquaintance is kind and would like to help you. He tells you proudly what he has learned; hoping that it will support you.

We do not want to be unfair, that can actually help sometimes, but in most cases very conditionally. And it is not likely to be sustainable.
Is there a better and more promising alternative? It exists! Ask those who have learned it - ask the experts. Our professional coaches with many years of experience and the corresponding expertise are structured and goal-oriented, using the right analytical tools. They draw the right conclusions and guide you through your individual questions and your personal problem solving. Be assured - your coach will consider you and your wishes and will work out solutions together with you.

Ask the specialists - from ERIKSSON & ASSOCIATES!

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